Thanks to our honest, dynamic and ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, we, as Oktay İnşaat, offer a strong organizational structure that implements business strategies towards its targets. We recruit candidates who will carry our company to the future, who are suitable for the corporate culture, who are qualified and who have development potential, taking into account the values ​​and competencies of our company, with the principle of equal opportunity.

As Oktay İnşaat, while forming our team, our milestones are;

  • Recruiting the right personnel for the right job according to the company's needs,
  • To ensure that the orientation of the recruited personnel is completed in the shortest and most effective way,
  • Motivating individuals to monitor their contribution to business processes and results by supporting them and to observe the input they provide to company goals,
  • To contribute to the individual development of employees by creating a continuous learning environment in the way of providing input to company goals,
  • Ensuring that our employees are more successful in their goals by encouraging teamwork with the created working environment,
  • To ensure the continuity of the working environment that supports teamwork and corporate belonging,
  • To contribute to the adoption of the principle of being a constantly developing and improving organization within the company.


In order to benefit from career opportunities at Oktay İnşaat, you can send your applications to us with your resume by entering your information via the application form below. Your application will be registered for consideration for a suitable position matching your competencies.

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